Day 77…

So, this is day 4 of us not talking…..I’m not sure how you feel about it, but, In my opinion, it totally sucks.

I figured since we’re not going to be able to chat, exchange stories or engage in our witty repertoire, I’d leave some  not-so-interesting posts about my days, just so I don’t forget all the boring things that go on while your are otherwise indesposed. It also kind of serves as a  way for me to vent because, once again, you are otherwise indisposed.

So here goes…

Since you’ve been gone I’ve managed to get a sunburn down the entire front of my body. Not the sides or back mind you, just the front. So, instead of being excited about my terrible sunburn eventually turning into a luscious tan, I just have to deal with a terrible sunburn eventually turning into a not-so-luscious tan just down the front of my body…. :-/

I did manage to finish our dresser, which if I say so myself is pretty damn spectacular. I’m quite impressed with myself (see pics below). Hoping to build us a pipe entryway table. It’s cooler than it sounds….promise.

The whole diet thing is suuuuuuucking. But, i’m sticking to it, with a few cheats here and there. A girls gotta live. So far I’ve lost 4 lbs (in week 1) and a few inches. But, I feel pretty awesome. I just hope I look awesome when you get home.

I told you about the Thomas Jefferson award we won at work. Well turns out they’re having the ceremony in D.C. (instead of the usual Vegas :-/ ) so, I may be going this weekend (Ashley isn’t going!). It’s still a little up in the air. It would be all expenses paid (except alcohol) but I would obviously have to board the dogs and they need their shots before then so there’s that too….

Jayne and Justin are going on a cruise to St. Marteen and a few other places in January. Apparently it wasn’t that expensive, so I looked into it. We can go on a 4-10 night cruise (whatever you want) for about 2,500$ and that includes airfare, food etc. Drinks would be extra. Just thought id throw it out there but we can of course discuss it when you get back from the Philippines.

You know that fat SSgt. that’s with 1/8. He’s been in like forever? Assistant FRO guy? Why is he here and not with you guys? Is it because he’s assistant FRO guy? I watched him fall into the water off a paddle board the other day….imbecile.

Oh, I almost forgot, Demo locked me out of the house the other day. He hit the latch on the patio door…..loads of fun.

One last thing. Thank for walking into that bar two years ago. Thank you for convincing me we were a good idea when I was trying to convince myself otherwise and thank you for making all those horrible decisions all those months ago…..without them I wouldn’t have you and I wouldn’t be the happiest girl alive.

I adore you Brett Nelson.

Always thinking of you. Always missing you. All my love, always.

Your wife

My handy work! I hope you like it as much as I do.
My handy work! I hope you like it as much as I do.

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