Day 7… one week down

Day 7... one week down

“The silence isn’t so bad, till I look at my hands and feel sad. Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.”

One week down and about 25 or so to go… Slowly getting into a routine, it’s different not being able to come home to your arms every day after work and just hold you. It’s so different being back in this lifestyle again, one I hadn’t really ever thought I’d be forced to endure again. When you’re gone things are just… different. I’m trying to stay busy, which isn’t that hard given someone is always doing something they shouldn’t be, but it’s just like I just can’t turn off work anymore. I miss you so much, and I worry about you, because although I’m not sure if you realize it but I do know that I have people here that I work with everyday and interact with everyday, and I’m so sorry that I can’t be there for you everyday, and laugh with you and console you after a bad day. I miss sharing drinks after work and making dinner (I really miss that), and deciding what to watch, and finally going to bed and canoodling with you… I know we kind of have a busy routine so there’s not much room to deviate from everyday life, but it was our routine, and I miss it. I try and take every opportunity to call or text or FaceTime you, but its difficult with always running around and not having the ability to concoct you wherever I want, and as it turns out it ends up being at the beginning and end of my day, and coincidentally your’s as well. As things develop here I’m sure I will find ways to be able to get into a routine over here where we can find normal hours to communicate, but then again… Marine Corps (need I say more?). I love you so much, and i enjoy the thought of you sleeping while I’m awake, I love the thought of you dreaming of us while I go about my day.

I still count us as lucky, being that it could be far, far worse… I thought I’d show you some of the things that I’ve been up to lately… Because although we’re separated by nearly 8,000 miles, I am still in a new exciting place, and I want to share these with you.

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As always baby, I miss you and I love you… sleep well.


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